Tuesday, February 3, 2009

save the date: a preview

Are you ready for a glimpse into the save-the-dates that kept me up for many a night? I am so excited to share them with you but must wait until everyone gets theirs before I do.

(of course I took a picture putting them in the
mail after all that work! thanks for the pic pat)

So for now just a tease ;)

(click for a closer look)

More to come later this week - DIY version !

(to those of you who are getting them in the mail and calling me...it means so much to know that you like them!!)


  1. just got mine in the boonetown mail today! it made it through the most recent snowstorm...we got 5+ inches in town late yesterday through today. so, i was excited when i picked up my mail after work and seeing the creative and beautiful save-the-date that you all sent out! when you make it big, will you hire me to help market and create? love, pk

  2. I was so exited to have taken a family walk on the 65 degree Saturday and opened the mailbox to find the exciting Save the Date. Love the website and narrowing down the place to book and stay. Love you Care. KB