Monday, March 2, 2009

rehearsal dinner dress - white?!

I wrote a few days ago about a GORGEOUS purple dress but honestly....I love the idea of wearing white to my rehearsal dinner. In the back of my mind I have been making notes on the dresses that I love. For the heck of it I ordered one last week to see what it is like in person. I found the dress on Nordstrom's and had it shipped. This is the dress.

The dress was only $68 but sadly it just didn't fit right. It wasn't as flattering (probably since I am not a tall model). Now the hunt begins for the best rehearsal dinner dress...EVER! I have heard people say that wearing white on the rehearsal dinner takes away from wearing white on the wedding day. What do you think? Since the Nordstrom dress didn't work I started looking at a few other dresses.

The Splurge: I am trying to find out the designer but Isla Fisher wore this dress to an interview. I am sure it was pricey! But I love it, very classy but flirty.

(photos were borrowed from the awesome

Another Splurge: Someone on Wedding Bee introduced me to the AMAZING Amanda Archer. How awesome would this dress be for a rehearsal dinner? Check out her dresses here. This one is $189.

Another Splurge:From French Connection which is one of my favorite lines. It is $248. The detail is stunning. I love the beading.

The Mid-Splurge: Maggy London ($128) from Nordstrom. So many people have been talking about Maggy London dresses.

What do you think? Did you wear white at your rehearsal?


  1. love, love LOVE the Isla Fisher dress! You could rock it!

  2. You can absolutely wear white to your rehearsal dinner! A good friend (i wonder who?)once reminded me that I should do what I want and what I love. If you love white and want to wear white, know what I have to say about that. I love the Amanda Archer, by the way.

  3. I ordered the Amanda Archer dress in kelly green for my shower! I have had it "favorited" for awhile and finally broke down last week and ordered it! What's great is that she can custom make it for you in your exact measurements.

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