Monday, June 1, 2009

DIY Dread

I am 4 months away from the big day and only now do I feel like I can get ready to start my DIY projects for the wedding. I am trying desperately not to get overwhelmed but the ideas just shoot off in my head in the shower, when I am drinking my first diet coke, at work, in the subway, in the car, in the taxi, at night, in the middle of the get the point :).

I am thinking that I really need to list out all of the projects that I want to do and then prioritize. I made a deal with my self that I would start all DIY projects in June and finish by September. Today marks June 1st and the 1st day I can get down to business!

Here are the DIY projects I currently have planned:

Invitations: I am having my invitations and RSVP cards letter pressed but I want to make the enclosures myself.

Soap: I really want to take soap that is already made and repackage it. I only plan to make around 50 bars - they are for my out of town bags and for the bathrooms at the villa and wedding venue. I plan to use these DIY instructions from the awesome Creature Comforts Blog:

(DIY instructions from the awesome Creature Comforts Blog)

Hot Cocoa & Tea: I really want to make some adorable enclosures to hold hot cocoa and tea for my out of town bags

Programs: I have some ideas for the programs and definitely plan to DIY these.

Candy Bar: I am going to be making most of the treats for the candy bar a few days before the wedding but I also plan to DIY a few candy bars (re-wrapping them) and also plan to DIY the boxes/bags that the treats will go in. Here is an awesome DIY tutorial from Creature Comforts Blog.

(DIY tutorial from Creature Comforts Blog)

Table Numbers: We haven't decided what we are doing with this but once I figure it out, I will likely DIY!

Wine & Water Labels: We are planning to label water and some wine bottles

These are a few of the things I have planned over the next 3 months. I am excited to start sharing them with you soon! Up first, soap!

Were you overwhelmed by your DIY plans? How did you prioritize?


  1. Very cool Carol! Good luck with all that! Let me know if I can help at all!

  2. going with your nature theme, at a recent wedding i saw them use the oval, grey river rocks and a silver sharpie as your name / table number. they looked great all laid out on a large table (different shades / slightly different sizes), were heavy enough to not blow away or keep falling over on the tables...I thought it was such a clever / cheap way to go!