Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Rehearsal Dinner Dress

And now for my rehearsal dinner dress which looks similar to my shower dress (only hotter!). It doesn't go AT ALL with the country theme but I fell in love with the dress and had no choice. When I was in North Carolina I visited a small boutique called K.LA and found my dress on the clearance rack. It was still pricey at $80 but I felt like splurging!

(even though i am not smiling i am happy! i was focusing on the picture :))

I have been to so many rehearsal dinners where the brides looked so gorgeous and had a real "glow". I still remember what they wore. My friend Dave's wife wore the most gorgeous blue dress - strapless and royal blue satin (hot!). My best friend Heidi wore a beautiful pink dress. My littlest step sister wore a short teal dress. They were all memorable and made me want to find a great dress!

The top part has a silver sheen to it. And the back is super cool but I forgot to take a picture. I love the crisscross of the fabrics

Now I get to think about some fun shoes to wear! I am thinking either teal or a bright color. The first 2 pairs are from Mod Cloth Online. The flower pair is from J. Crew.

These are from Piperlime and DSW. The cream pair are gorgeous!

Did your rehearsal dinner dress go with your "theme"? Did you get excited about picking shoes!!


  1. I like the last ones....kinda think you should go closed will be October. Bought my dress today!! MEg

  2. I love the cream ones! Your dress is smoking hot- I love it!

  3. dress is RAD, beige shoes for sure!!