Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We booked a band - FOR OUR REHEARSAL DINNER!

I am so excited to share that we booked a band for our rehearsal dinner!!! Mr. AC and I have talked a lot about wanting our rehearsal dinner to be a really fun event. We don't want it to be too formal, too uptight, too serious...we want everyone to celebrate.

After booking our venue, an adorable old Apple Barn in Valle Crucis, NC, we knew that having a "down south country theme" would really fit. We decided that it would be awesome to hire a blue grass band to play. We want people to have delicious country cooking and be able to dance! We found a blue grass duet and they play everything from a fiddle to a banjo to a guitar and they even sing!! We are spending $400 for 4 hours of music. I think the price is relatively reasonable.

(image from this awesome Flickr stream)

Remember the inspiration board that I created for the Rehearsal dinner - here it is again. I think the Blue Grass band is going to go perfectly with it!


I also got these napkins (that I wrote about before) in the mail a few weeks ago and LOVE THEM! I found them at Plum Party and got a discount. I bought 100 for $32.

Have you considered music at your rehearsal dinner?


  1. C - there is nothin' better than a blue grass band! Great idea!!

  2. SO much fun!!! I know it is all going to be so beautiful.