Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Candy/Treat Table Bags - DIY Style

I have been given a great gift by one of my BM's mothers! She wanted to throw me a shower or a luncheon but I thought there must be something different that we can do. Mrs. Greene (my BM's mom) is an amazing women. For years in college she hosted get togethers at her home and made delicious meals and yummy desserts. She has an amazing kitchen and loves to be in it. I asked Mrs. Green if she would consider helping me with my DIY Candy Bar the week before the wedding. SHE SAID YES! So a few days before the wedding we are planning to get together at her home for a day or baking, candy making and more.

I am so excited about what we are going to put on the candy bar but I will share that a bit later. I have spent months trying to determine how our guests will get their candy home. I had a few ideas ranging from baker's boxes to cellophane bags to more.

Option 1: Baker's Boxes: I saw this gorgeous DIY project on the Style Me Pretty Blog and loved the boxes. You can see the DIY instructions here.

Finally this weekend I decided to go a simple, cheap, DIY route and I am super excited about how the treat bags turned out. I decided to use brown paper lunch bags which I got (40 for $1 at the Dollar Store). I thought I would test them on my handy printer and I love how they turned out.

The design was inspired by alot of different elements. I pulled in the font from my invitations and other pieces. I used a flower from an old template (from the amazing Bella Bella Co.). I used my birds (changed their colors). I really love how the kraft paper was pulled into this makes everything come full swing from my save the dates to the invites to the RD invites.

I used the Martha Stewart punch to punch out the tops.

The design was super easy. I designed this in word (like all of my other invitations) and used cool fonts. I set the paper size in word to be the exact size of the paper bags and it worked really well. Here is a stack of them yet to be punched.

I am still deciding how they will be sealed but I am thinking of buying some adorable little clothespins that people can use.

(these are from the Etsy shop of Dozi)

You can find the pins online. Here is a link to 50 of them for $2.49.

I am so excited about how they turned out and how cheap they were!

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  1. ok, this might be my most favorite project you have done yet. how clever to run the bag through your printer! I never would have thought of that! you are a genius!