Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shower…Brunch…Bachelorette – ALL IN ONE!

I live in New York and all of my bridesmaids live in North Carolina. Most of my family is in North Carolina and lets be honest…my heart is in North Carolina. When my friends asked to have a bachelorette party and shower for me I know that I couldn’t ask them all to come to New York. Plus I love excuses to head down south. We settled on Labor Day weekend and I have just returned from being “showered” with love from my family and friends.

Our 1st “event” was a lingerie shower on Friday night and it was held at my moms house. I knew I wanted things to be laid back and relaxing so we grilled out and had cookie cake! My sister planned the event and did a great job. It was fun seeing her get excited. I am the first to get married so both my mom and sister aren’t used to all of this “wedding” stuff. My sister did a great job (with some help from my FMIL’s left over shower goods).

My sweet bridesmaids all attended and even baby Mae (a new addition to my best friend Devon’s family) came. My two stepsisters came it was meant so much to have them part of the evening. Even my sister’s best friend came for the fun.

(baby Mae and my bridesmaid Devon)

( my stepsisters!)

(my bridesmaid Heidi - and baby Max in her tummy!)

I got some AMAZING lingerie and even a book (which I won’t go into details on!). I can’t believe how generous my friends were. Mr. AC is SURE to be happy with their picks.

On Saturday morning we had a champagne brunch thrown by my bridesmaid and best friend from college Jaime (and her amazing mom!). The brunch was at Jaime’s beautiful home and it was perfect. We had pineapple mimosa’s and cupcakes in the AM…which I love. My friends were so generous and I received lots of lovely presents. My aunt also attended and that was really special.

After the brunch we headed to downtown Charlotte to check in to our hotel and get ready for a “wild” night. I put “wild” in quotes because I am typically a very tame party person. We had a great dinner in downtown Charlotte. I wore a super cute white dress that my sister picked out for me and all of my ladies wore black. They all looked HOT as we headed onto the town. I want to add what troopers my friends are. 2 of them are pregnant and one just had a baby and has 2 year old twins. They lead he troop and it was awesome.

(my sister and stepsister!)

(the list which i really did NOT want to do but decided to give a few things a shot!)

(i'm not a big drinker - as you can see by this face!)

(my bridesmaid Jaime!)

(my sweet bridesmaid Morgann!)

(Devon and I laughing! I love this pic)

We didn’t get too wild but we had a great time. My sweet sister and MOH created a signature drink and it was really awesome.

This weekend was a reminder that weddings are about being with the people you care about most in the world and that is worth the travel, time and hangover!

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