Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Guest Book Bench!

You will remember from this post that we really wanted a unique guest book. When I saw a bench used for another wedding I knew that I wanted to go that route.

Mr. AC and I are incredibly lucky, our friend Will Bucher is an amazing wood worker (he owns Hill Country Woodworks) and he very generously made us a bench to use as our guest book. I am over the moon excited, not only to have a bench but to have something made impeccably by a talented wood worker to put in our home is priceless!

We will use special pens for our guests to sign the bench with and then Will will seal the signatures.

Will makes other incredible pieces. They are all custom and amazing.

(I love that this table expands. The details are awesome!)

Will is always open to custom projects. You can reach Hill Country Woodworks at 919-929-2075.

Did you have a unique idea for your guest book?

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  1. What kind of pens are you using? We are also doing a bench and I want to be sure I'm using the right stuff. My groom to be is the wood worker who is creating our bench! Do you have a card or anything you are putting with it with a cute little saying? I'm trying to come up with something clever to say! Looks like we share brains/ideas we also are having an Oct. 3, 2009 wedding in Northwestern PA. 18 days AHHHHH are you ready?? :)